Ficture is Gábor Tokár, a Bratislava based Hungarian producer, sound designer and drummer. Influenced by the most diverse music styles, producers, and bands, he creates an unusual mixture of ambiance and rhythm.

Fascinated by music since his childhood, Tokár started playing drums at the age of 16. While actively playing in various bands and listening to different styles and genres, he became passionate about finding a way to write his own music. After discovering music production tools, software synthesizers, and audio modulation possibilities, he started to experiment with sound and its borders. Through these years of learning his music acquired it’s characteristics and became his alter ego – “Ficture”.

He is also known for his active role in the international music project Gonsofus, being the drummer of the Slovakian hip-hop band A.M.O., as well as working as a session drummer and producer of different styles.

His debut »EP Roads To Everywhere«, mastered by Shawn Hatfield (Amon Tobin, Machinedrum, Eskmo) was introduced to the world by German label Lemongrassmusic in January 2014.


Deep River (Ficture Remix) – ‘Deep River Remixed’ EP (2014, Lemongrassmusic)
“Roads To Everywhere” CD/EP (2014, Lemongrassmusic)

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